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Ophiuchus, the 13th Sign of the Zodiac | OpenMind

Astrologers around the world celebrate their love of the stars on March 20 which is considered the start of the astrological year. Sharing both our common and diverse perspectives on how we relate to the stars is the gift of International Astrology Day.

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February 13 Birthday Astrology

Oh, and there's a new 13th astrological sign now: Ophiuchus. Sounds like a "Matrix" character, we know. But those of you born between Nov. Nail salon matches mani to your astrology.

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  • Ophiuchus, the 13th Sign of the Zodiac;
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NASA broke the news early this year in a blog post that explained that when ancient Babylonians created the zodiac over 3, years ago, they wanted dates on the calendar to correspond with star constellations. But, there were 13 constellations, and they were working with a month calendar.

So they ditched Ophiuchus. NASA also pointed out that the Earth's axis doesn't even point in the same direction as it did when the original constellations were drawn, so all our signs have different date ranges now anyway. In other words: astrological chaos. And the science nerds at NASA don't even care that they've upended our lives.

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Here are the brand-new astrological dates and signs, if you can bear to look. Follow today.